1. Security Services
    Worldwide reach utilizing local assets. It took 13+ years to assemble our network of security contractors, employees, certified contractors, licensees and vendors to deliver on time and reliable security services.
  2. Bodyguards
    Operating in 14 countries, USPA International can be on site, at times, within 60 minutes. USPA Nationwide operates in all 50 states and can be on site with a same day guarantee. This guarantee pertains to Security Guards and Bodyguards as well as Surveillance Operators.
  3. Fire Watch Service
    USPA has trained Emergency Firewatch Personnel. Most of our Fire watch Guards are off duty Fire Fighters who are experienced and ready to work when disaster strikes or your fire suppression system is temporarily down.

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Nationwide Security Guard Service Company for Hire

There are some key elements to keep in mind when choosing a security company for your protection. Such as reliability, professionalism, experience, affordability, insurance, training of guards, and how well the company can keep up with your needs? All of these are valid concerns when hiring a security service.

Well if you are looking for security service that can provide you with all these facilities then USPA Security has got all that covered for you in one package. We, with our highly trained Guards and Security Contractors, are at your service. USPA International is a full service, licensed, bonded and insured security guard company offering security solutions to both governmental and private clientele. We specialize in high risk, innovative close protection security projects as well as traditional security guard services. Our first priority is to satisfy your concerns regarding your insecurities. We have 3000+ highly trained security personnel waiting at your disposal, who are ready to handle any situation thrown at them.

We have different departments for handling all kinds of situations so we are ready for anything. Our force solely focuses on providing the best facilities to our client by showing complete dedication to every client's security project. Not just claiming to do so but showing results every time. We take RESPONSIBILITY and we come THROUGH for you. We leave no stone unturned to keep up to your expectations and to keep you SAFE.

We have been providing security services since 2005 to thousands of satisfied customers and have evolved into several companies worldwide. We provide our state of the art security services globally with our experienced security contractors. Our services are fast and are on the site for your protection, within a day guarantee. Our services range from personal security contracts to controlling terrorist situations to child protection. We also provide panic room services in a home, school and in offices. Internationally, we mainly deal with close protection services such as personal security, kidnap prevention as well as kidnap recovery and human trafficking incidents. USPA provides security guards (armed\unarmed), canine patrols as well as shelters for hostile situations such as mass assault and robbery.

All this and much more just a call away. Call +1 (800) 214-1448 for a quick quote and say goodbye to all your worries because "We've got you covered"

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