1. Security Guard Services
    Worldwide reach utilizing local assets. It took 13+ years to assemble our network of security contractors, employees, certified contractors, licensees and vendors to deliver on time and reliable security services in Washington DC
  2. Bodyguards
    Operating in 14 countries, USPA International can be on site, at times, within 60 minutes. USPA Nationwide operates in all 50 states and can be on site with a same day guarantee. This guarantee pertains to Security Guards and Bodyguards as well as Surveillance Operators in Washington DC
  3. Fire Watch Service
    USPA has trained Emergency Firewatch Personnel. Most of our Fire watch Guards are off duty Fire Fighters who are experienced and ready to work when disaster strikes or your fire suppression system is temporarily down in Washington DC.

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Disaster Relief Security in Washington DC
In the aftermath of a disaster such as a hurricane, problems arise when it comes to travel, communication and even accommodation. In such a situation our security guard company in Washington DC will deploy large personnel to assist you, be it in your home or business premises.

High risk terminations
In high risk termination situations, where a large volume of employees had been laid off, violence is very likely to occur, making the workplace unsafe for the remaining workers and customers. Our armed guards will secure your workplace making sure order is maintained and the safety of everybody involved is upheld.

Secure transport in Washington DC
We do not just offer secure transportation services to dignitaries. We extend this to businesses and organizations who may wish to safely transport their assets and cash from one place to another. We have a fleet of armored vehicles that we use to ensure all items on transit under our care reach their destinations safely. We will also have our armed guards in Washington DC accompany your cash and assets throughout the duration of transportation.

Security Guard Service for Hire in Washington DC
After disaster strikes, it is very easy to lose control of your security system. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your business continues running smoothly and that no one takes advantage of your security system during this vulnerable period. That is where USPA International comes in. Our security guard company in Washington DC will dispatch guards to your premises to keep watch and ensure no unauthorized persons have access to your servers or any other sensitive dockets.

Protection of government facilities
Government agencies are always at threat of security breaches, which if executed can have dire consequences on national security. As USPA International, we utilize state of the art technology and decades of experience to provide reliable security solutions to government facilities. Our security guards in Washington DC have undergone intensive training in terrorism awareness enabling them to identify threats and deal with them appropriately.

High Risk Security in Washington DC
We provide security guards in Washington DC for high risk areas for instance in the marine industry where the security threats are high. We train our security guards in maritime security so that they may offer protection to large vessels which are in areas prone to piracy.

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